tisdag 1 maj 2018

Design in Papers - My Fantastic Boy

Hi lovelies!

Hope everything is great wherever you are in the world!
Just popping by here to let you know I'm up on the Design in Papers blog today sharing some happiness.
Please make me happy and join me over there :)

Yo'll find more pics and details up at Design in Papers!

Thanks for stopping by here today! 

Take care! Hugs Anna xo

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åh helt underbar, favoritfärger och sådär klara läckra! Guldtexten ger så bra accent, det hade jag aldrig kommit på!!!! Kram

    1. Gulliga fina du!! TACK!! Ja den kollektionen passar dig tror jag !! Även Shimelle Box of Crayons!! Kram💗💗💗